Teenage X Drink, Dance, Destroy

Toronto, ON four-piece Teenage X cover a great deal of classic punk ground on debut album Drink, Dance, Destroy, taking cues from the Ramones' pop chops on opener "The Signal" and approaching spirited hardcore in the vein of D.O.A. on the title track and "Say What You Want." Add their penchant for straightforward new wave pop ("Wasted") and they've compiled a collection of songs that's easy to immediately like. The lower production quality takes a bit away from the overall effect because these songs were made for either a high sheen or poor-on-purpose production, but Dance, Drink, Destroy sits somewhere in-between. On "Boom," vocalist Sarah Page evokes early No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani, and the rest of the band don't do much to make the comparison a stretch. It's a simple, shimmering pop song that has both a gritty alt-rock edge and '60s radio "oooh-aaah" harmonies, best encapsulating the disparate parts of Teenage X's wide-reaching appeal. (Independent)