Teddy Thompson Separate Ways

Imagine the pressure of being the offspring of not one but two folk rock legends? Rufus and Martha Wainwright survived that stress just fine, and you can add Teddy Thompson to that select list. The son of Richard and Linda Thompson is gradually emerging from that shadow. His self-titled debut in 2000 was warmly received, and this one will likely follow suit. Teddy’s vocals lack the gut-wrenching tone of his father’s, and their melodic yet slightly melancholy feel is more reminiscent of Neil Finn. Matters of the heart are dissected here, with such tracks as "I Wish It Was Over” and "Separate Ways” reflecting the souring of a relationship. The inclusion of more up-tempo songs like "I Should Get Up” and "That’s Enough Out of You” keep things from getting a little too introspective and downbeat. Quite the all-star cast of players and backing vocalists show up here, including the Canadian contingent of Rufus and Martha, Greg Wells and Garth Hudson. Dad Richard even adds some trademark silvery guitar lines, while Smokey Hormel (Beck), Tony Scherr, Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention), and Jimmy Chamberlain (Smashing Pumpkins) are other prominent names. (Verve)