Team Rezofficial

The World (And Everything in It)

BY Neil AcharyaPublished Jun 20, 2008

Team Rezofficial is comprised of two producers, Stomp and Jay Mak, and three MCs, Hellnback, Drezus and Tomislav, who respectively represent the first nations of Hobbema, Alberta and Winnipeg, MB. Their latest album, The World (And Everything in It), is their second full-length release. With the album clocking in at just over an hour, to borrow a hockey analogy, the team put in a solid 60-minute effort. It succeeds on many levels. Production-wise, Stomp’s wide array of influences are evident, from the bhangra-style "Get Money” and harmonium-infused "We are The Future” to Southern crunk ("You Can Get it”) to West coast-sounding tracks like "So Fresh” and "Tarintino Music,” which represent his best work, along with "Take My Hand.” On the flip side, Jay Mak employs his affinity for soulful samples and is responsible for some of the best-sounding tracks, including "It’s Over” and "Lonely.” While the content isn’t always enthralling, especially their club jams, lyrically it never lets down. Whether boasting about their exploits partying, reflecting on days gone by and tougher times, or telling street tales, the flow is always there and the length and arrangement of the album allow the listener to get a feel for each MC’s individual style. While the temptation may have been to hide as a group behind a few catchy tracks, they chose to expose themselves at every angle, which is more than can be said for many up-and-coming hip-hop groups today.

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