Team LG The Way We Do It

This London duo (Mister L and Little G) first released versions of songs from The Way We Do It on the Twisted Nerve label website’s "Weekly Adventures” mp3 series. The full album version follows the coincidence of their coming together and eventual dissolution as a couple. Mister L’s music is a toy box and pawnshop playground of warm wonders. Small touches of modern electronics merely reinforce the faded dayglow construction. Little G (Galia Durant of recent Domino signee, Psapp) lends slightly melancholic vocals that recall some of the female voices from Ivo Watts-Russell’s This Mortal Coil albums. Mister L’s occasional leads are not unlike the more downbeat moments of the Magnetic Fields. Despite the album’s blue tinge, Team LG are not a sad sack act. With their dusty sunlit rumpus room filled toy xylophone, Casio keyboards and melodica, it’s hard not to crack a wistful smile listening to how they do it. (Unfamiliar)