Taylor Swift Unveils Cryptic Countdown Clock

It's ticking down to April 26
Taylor Swift Unveils Cryptic Countdown Clock
Taylor Swift is up to something. The pop star just launched a mysterious countdown clock, with 12 and a half days left as of press time. That means the clock will run out at midnight on April 26.

The clock is on taylorswift.com, and it's accompanied by pictures of pastel pink clouds. That same pastel imagery can also be found on her Twitter, InstagramFacebook and Tumblr pages. Her Instagram story and Facebook story also have the countdown clock.

What any of this means is, of course, anyone's guess. Her tour in support of Reputation is finished — and the tour's accompanying concert film is on Netflix — so it's possible that this is the beginning of a new album cycle.

See the countdown clock over at taylorswift.com, where there's also a prompt to sign up for her email newsletter. Stay tuned for the countdown clock to run out on April 26.