Taylor Knox Unveils 'Lines' EP

Taylor Knox Unveils 'Lines' EP
Taylor Knox shared his track "My Backyard" way back in 2013, with promises that an album would arrive in the new year. It's taken him a bit longer than we expected, but the Toronto musician — who has been a backing player for acts like Owen Pallett, Hayden and Rich Aucoin — has finally announced his new solo EP. Lines is out on March 31 through MapleMusic.

The EP contains six songs and leads off with "My Backyard." A press release notes that each song clocks in at around three minutes in length, making this "the perfect taste to get the unsuspecting listener permanently hooked on Knox's irresistible sugar high."

Scroll past the tracklist to hear "My Backyard," plus the single "Fire." The latter number starts slow but builds up with crunchy strums and power-pop melodies. "Fire" appeared on a 7-inch a couple of years back.

"My friend's restaurant burned down in a fire that started in the house next door," Knox said of the song. "One day everything was normal and the next day the restaurant was gone. It got me thinking about how things can change so quickly and you have to make the most of what you've got right now."

The EP is available to pre-order on iTunes.


1. My Backyard
2. Fire
3. I See Lines
4. That's What You Do
5. Family Colours
6. Good Enough