Taylor Deupree Occur

An adventurous and visionary electronic album, or a nonsensical bore that's devoid of humanity or compositional direction - both conclusions seem equally valid. Occur is sound exploration via a synthesis of granular algorithms that avoids any sort of patterns, rather it embraces randomness. Playback is best heard on professional monitor speakers or headphones, since normal speakers either miss, colour or distort the sound. This album is completely stripped down electronic music, as if a machine made the pieces itself. Perhaps, for an electronic producer, this might be something of a compliment. I do not know what to completely make of the recording, it could be one of those albums where I don't "get it" until months after having first heard it. I would place my bets on this scenario, because Deupree has produced excellent work during his stint with Instinct Records, and has also worked with avant-electronic masters like Tetsu Inoue. Because of the experimental style of Occur, it is likely Deupree made something most of us have yet to catch up with. (12K)