Taxi Chain Smarten Up!

Taxi Chain is the brainchild of lead singer, guitarist and bagpiper Grier Coppins. Founded more than ten years ago, the unique rhythm and blues band mixes bagpipes with saxophones to create an innovative worldly sound. Smarten Up! is a musical smorgasbord that offers nine tongue in cheek tales, featuring smart lyrics and smashingly good songs that make you want to start jumping up and down. The cleverly titled "James Brown Ate my Bagpipe” is a Scottish reel with a funky twist — the musical equivalent of Haggis in Harlem. "Memphis” is a soulful number that opens the disc, paying tribute to this musical Mecca. From jigs and reels to funk-filled blues numbers, Taxi Chain keeps the listener guessing as to what to expect. While each song takes you on a surprising new musical turn, one can’t help but have fun getting lost in the riotous ride that is Taxi Chain. (Northern Blues)