Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo Mumtastic

Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo blend ancient Arabic microtonal modes and world rhythms with the musical soul and depth of New York City. Raised in the Palestinian town of Ramallah, Abboushi and his band break down musical barriers, combining Arabic maqam (melodic modes) with elements of jazz, funk and Latin American music. Their innate ability to improvise and reference various influences through their versatile sound is what fuels this heated release. "Longa Nakreez" grooves instantly and is a steady build of emotion, climaxing with very conversational interplay between Tareq, on a slightly distorted Buzuq, and Zafer Tawil, on Durbakkeh. "The Time it Takes" is beautifully understated, boasting melodies that weave together, creating harmony dynamically – a challenge for an ensemble with no real chordal instrument. "The Wall" (featuring Amir Elsaffar on trumpet) is serene yet full of surprises and musical excitement. There is a haunting emptiness to the group's interaction that simmers and boils throughout. (Rock Paper Scissors)