Tara Oram Revival

Canadian Idol Season 5 alumnus Tara Oram has released an album worthy of the venerated echelon of the Idol franchise (Canadian, American, Iranian, Afghani, Italian, whatever). To give Oram credit, she's charming and a good vocalist. And this makes perfect sense because those are two qualities needed to go far on Canadian Idol. The first track is actually a charming and funny spin-off of Prince's "1999," wherein Oram belts out "tonight we'll party like it's 1929." The rest of the album tapers off into vague Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift territory, and its lowest moment is her unfathomable cover of Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough," where she speeds the song up, adds a backing band and essentially does her impression of Crow. The oddest track is "Overalls." Oram sings about an ex-boyfriend, "you were flicking that brush all around and I had to run and hide" and "you were chasing me, pushing me around 'cuz I couldn't run as fast" and then describes burning his overalls. Sounds like a bizarre relationship. (Open Road)