Tanya Morgan The Bridge EP

With their rather misleading name still firmly stamped in the "up next” columns of your favourite hip-hop rag following their breakout Moonlighting set, rap trio Tanya Morgan return from the kitchen with a tight little set-up disc to get the uninitiated up to speed. Connecting the expanse between their respective Brooklyn and Cincinnati hometowns, group members Von Pea, Donwill and Ilyas blend feel good, back-in-the-day-type lyrical fun with then-and-now rhythmic head-nodders on the nine cuts of The Bridge, all while putting their own spin on some pretty notable hip-hop trademarks. Buckshot and Big Boi-styled flows seep into cuts like "We Doin’ Our” and "Got To Get Done,” while the three men trade off effortlessly over the inside-out sample of "Threemcees,” the smooth, buttery groove of "Get Me Inside” and straight "Planet Rock” closer "How Low,” wrapping up a dope precursor to the impending Brooklynatti LP. (IM Culture)