Tame One OG Bobby Johnson

Tame One is definitely on the right side of the tracks with his second solo album, OG Bobby Johnson (taken from a character in the movie South Central). Boasting a long and respected career in the record industry, Tame One represents the elements of hip-hop both on the mic and with his trademark graffiti. Kicking rhymes since the early ’90s, most will remember Tame from his days as a former member of the influential duo, Artifacts. Tame made more waves in 2004 on the collaborative project with Cage and the Leak Brothers. This "one man Wu-Tang Clan” still brings the same raw, braggadocios lyrical style over hardcore and old school beats as heard on the bona fide 1994 classic, Between a Rock and a Hard Place and his well received solo album, When Rappers Attack. OG Bobby Johnson features production from High & Mighty, DJ Mighty Mi, CamuTao and Dialekt, as well as a guest appearance from Yak Ballz, CamuTao and Metro of S.A. Smash. Look out for tracks like "Arizona Iced Tea” featuring Meskaline and "a pilled up studio black couch broad who was there” and "Mocafella,” an old school rendition of Redman's "Rocafella.” OG Bobby Johnson proves there's nothing tame about this underrated notty head terror. (Eastern Conference)