Tame Impala Treat "One More Year" to a 18-Minute Remix

Hear the "balearic house reimagining" of the 'Slow Rush' song
Tame Impala Treat 'One More Year' to a 18-Minute Remix
Photo: Neil Krug
Tame Impala kicked off their new album The Slow Rush with the song "One More Year," and now the beloved Aussie project is treating that opener to a seriously epic remix. In fact, it's 18 minutes long.

Kevin Parker has given his project's "One More Year" what's being called a "balearic house reimagining." It comes part of Remote Utopias fundraising effort for radio station NTS, and you can check out the remix below.

NTS also encourages you to donate to Global FoodBanking Network.