Tamaryn Returns with 'Cranekiss'

Tamaryn Returns with 'Cranekiss'
Two and a half years after the release of Tamaryn's Tender New Signs, the songwriter has announced she's making a comeback. Apparently a change of scenery helped steer the singer-songwriter towards a new sound on the upcoming Cranekiss, which Mexican Summer releases on August 28.

A press release notes that the album was made following a move from San Francisco out to New York. The scene shift found Tamaryn separating from her longtime backup band and heading into Brooklyn's Gary's Electric facility with new collaborators Shaun Durkan (the Weekend) and Jorge Elbrecht (Violens, Lansing-Dreiden). This has apparently moved Tamaryn's sonic landscapes from dream pop and shoegaze territory towards a sound that's more "inviting, warm-blooded and shockingly direct."

First single "Hands All Over Me" flirts with '80s dance-pop, putting the focus on various shimmering, retro-style synth patches and Tamaryn's echo-blown vocals, here presented higher in the mix than the rest of her more ethereal back catalogue. You can check out a stream of the single beneath the tracklist or pick it up on iTunes.

Pre-orders for the set are currently being taken over here on Mexican Summer, including a limited-edition deluxe LP that features a "UV gloss, foil jacket," a booklet featuring photos and lyrics, and "white with silver haze"-coloured wax. It's limited to 500 copies. Cranekiss:

1. Cranekiss 2. Hands All Over Me
3. Last
4. Collection
5. Keep Calling
6. Softcore
7. Fade Away Slow
8. I Won't Be Found
9. Sugar Fix
10. Intruder (Waking You Up)