Tamaryn "Last"

Tamaryn 'Last'
Though Tamaryn doesn't officially plant her '80s-pop exploring Cranekiss on us for another few weeks, the solo artist has unveiled another preview from the platter. While there very well could be more coming our way, for the time being this is her "Last" single.

The track mixes things up with faux-harp synth melodies, a shifting backbeat and octave-jumping vocals from Tamaryn. Throughout the cut, her lines leap from calmed descriptions of dancing alone, to more conflict-minded moments about "laughing every time you lie," to a sense of finality despite a falsetto promise of "I'll be waiting in your past."

While there is a retro bent to the arrangement, Tamaryn tweeted today (August 4) that you should stop yourself from comparing her approach to acts of the past.

You can check the new track out down below, while Cranekiss touches down August 28 via Mexican Summer.