Takka Takka Migration

With a predilection for Indonesian gamelan music and lyrics like "She is the wandering/She is the lion’s king,” the temptation to write off Brooklynites Takka Takka as precious post-rock blowhards is indeed great. But despite the occasional poor lyrical choices, there is much to be said for the finely constructed melodies on Migration. Key to their sound is singer Gabe Levine’s understated vocals, which ebb and flow throughout the gently resonating compositions. "Silence,” essentially Pinback made more cerebral, showcases the band’s innate pop sensibility, with a subdued but insistent chorus that blooms unexpectedly from the dense undergrowth of the song. Occasional sinister turns and funk guitars on "Homebreaker” provide a nice change of pace on an album that is guaranteed to get better with repeated listens. (Labrador)