Takeoff The Last Rocket

Takeoff The Last Rocket
Everybody's newest favourite Migo has released his solo debut album. Takeoff's The Last Rocket was released just weeks behind his bandmate Quavo's album. To put it bluntly, this one's way better.
It is almost impossible to put into words my joy when I saw the 13-song track list, including a billed intro and outro. It has themes, storytelling and is a powerful example of Takeoff's skills as a rapper. He has so many different flows, from the classic triplet to quick spitting, but still, The Last Rocket gives off signature "Migos" vibes throughout. It's even got adlibs and producers we've come to know and love like Budah Bless, DJ Durel and TM88.
The standouts are "Last Memory" and "Infatuation" for how sticky they are; I haven't been able to get these out of my head. And the latter will surely be played by many a uni student for late nights and early mornings to come. It's such a sexy bop.
"I Remember" tends to be a little repetitive, but Takeoff still manages to offer a look into the trap and how bad that life got at times. This despite his saying "I Remember" more than 80 times in three minutes.
But the best part of this album is that it seems so intentional; it feels like it was crafted by an artist and not put together by an assortment of business people and ghostwriters. I don't know that this didn't happen here too, but it at least doesn't seem that way.
The takeaway from Takeoff is that good art is deliberate, enjoyable and actually takes effort. It's good to see he's capable of all these, can't wait to see what he gives us next. (Quality Control/Capitol/Motown/Epic)