Taken Finding Solace In Dissension

There is much to like and even more potential on Taken's Goodfellow debut, Finding Solace In Dissension. "Drowning In Numbers" begins the festivities and although you can play spot the influence (throughout the album for that matter), it is an excellent song that runs through a variety of emotions and styles. Elements of hardcore/metal stalwarts Converge and Cave In (at least their older incarnations) can be easily detected, but Taken vary things by including a more emo slant, not unlike Drowningman, although not as catchy vocally. Taken truly excel when they combine their dissonant metallic abrasiveness with softer passages and interludes, mitigating the sonic abuse for a few fleeting moments of comfort. Another advantage for Taken is their musicianship, impressive for a band that averages about 20 years of age, as Taken flawlessly jump from abrasive to soothing and back again while embarking upon technical excursions and all-out metal assaults like "Dress Rehearsal." Still, while Taken possess all the ability in the world and have created an impressive album with Finding Solace In Dissension, the challenge to establish a sound all their own still lies before them. (Goodfellow)