Takaru There Can Only Be None

Thrash is an understatement when it comes to describing this persistently hammering band that is certain to make the Bay Area proud. The hardcore undertones, such as that of Tragedy, are a lingering and terrifying base to Exodus intensity. Although coloured with modern hardcore elements, the metal tradition stands strong as the central theme of the music. Lyrically, it’s aimed towards "eradicating the ills of the modern world.” While the record mostly consists of face-melting riffs, distant and quiet guitars are a frequently used as sonic relief to the driving music. They also like to incorporate heavy low tom beats over both squealing and quiet guitars. The higher vocal persists at a frantic speed that must certainly be difficult to maintain and is often joined with a lower growl to add texture. The songs typically don’t last long enough for repetition, with their focus resting on generating a technical and speedy delivery throughout the succession of parts. (Alone)