Tajai Power Movements

West Coast powerhouse Tajai, of legendary Souls of Mischief and Hieroglyphics fame, is back and in full force with this solo full-length. He still flows with a much thicker spectrum of thought and broader range of expression than you’ll find in most MCs today, and on Power Movements he’s called on a few of his closest friends to help drop wisdom and sincere preaching on the impressionable rap youth of today. Tajai’s trademark bouncy delivery teases on "Raindance” and he jumps in with a one-two banger on "Do It!,” his ode to partying. As he takes us through a typical night of bottles and bongs, he takes care to advise that you should "enjoy yourself responsibly.” Nice of him to say. Tajai gets a little more serious on the title track, a bold extension on the "seize the day” theme that seems to have infused his mind state. Shake the Mayor makes a guest appearance at the end of "Let’s Live,” shuddering at the state of hip-hop culture’s mass-marketed misinterpretations in a piece of social commentary as sharp as it is hilarious: "Stop buying big ass chains. First of all, now, I like chains, but goddamn.” A solid return. (Hiero Imperium)