Tacocat Rifftop Tent, Victoria BC, September 20

Tacocat Rifftop Tent, Victoria BC, September 20
Photo: Kim Jay
Ah Tacocat. A name like that speaks for itself, doesn't it?
The four-piece surf-punk-pop outfit from Seattle exude a playful stoner vibe — sunglasses on, floral print dresses topped with jean jackets, they could draw a crowd based purely on intrigue alone. While they do have some weightier material, like "Hey Girl" (about sexual harassment), most of their engaging songs are either tongue-in-cheek like "Cat Fancy" with the lyrics "Cats all the time, that's what you're gonna get. Who care about world affairs, who cares about politics?" or they delve into the truly strange, as on "Psychic Death Cat," a song about, well, exactly what the title suggests.
Watching Tacocat is like attending a large-scale high school band at a house party, and if nothing else, they're infinitely entertaining. Never has such enthusiasm been put into a song about the rivalry between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Tacocat know their audience and play to it — it's people just like them, who surely ponder the ways of psychic death cat.