T. Raumschmiere Random Noize Sessions Vol. 1

Techno rocker Marco Haas (aka T. Raumschmiere) changes tone from the massive, agro monster truck sound he’s developed in previous work and instead explores the more minimal and experimental side of techno, to the point where this album is better categorised as ambient. Random Noize Sessions is a compilation of clicks, screeches and dark ambience gathered from Haas’s lost studio sessions and live recordings between 1999 and 2005. The album begins with "Radikal Meditation,” featuring deep resonations that sound like a cross between a didgeridoo and chanting monks in an enclosed vestibule contrasted with chiming bells. "Die Alte Leier,” released as a twelve-inch and a dance floor hit shortly before the album was out, is one of the only club-oriented tracks here, with its minimal, deep, punchy drums and muted hi-hats beneath a loop of warm, melodious bells. "GrobMotorOmsk” is also more rhythmically upbeat, with a sinister dub-step beat accompanied again by monkish chanting. The rest of the songs are composed of washes of droning synths punctuated with high-pitched drills and rhythmic clicks that fade in and out or scribbles of static and reverb. RNS has a fresh sound for diehard experimental techno heads, particularly those used to the abrasive sounds Haas most often makes, yet it still draws its lineage from some of the ambient world’s champion sound makers: the deconstructive wanderings of Vladislav Delay, the spacious warmth of Biosphere, the walls of morphing static of Oval and the clinical, edgy textures of Pan Sonic. (Shitkatapult)