T. Raumschmiere Blitzkrieg Pop

T. Raumschmiere circa 2005 bears the features of a man who seems to be trying too hard. His new album contains songs titled "Sick Like Me” and "Drowning in Whiskey,”while his record label is called Shitkatapult; and his promotional photo depicts a trucker-hat accoutred T. flipping the camera the v-sign under a formation of fighter jets. But none of this matters. What does matter is the music. Less elaborate than 2003’s Radio Blackout, his new disc exhibits a sound that, as Adult. will testify to, hasn’t aged very well. He still manages to make some aggressive analogue noises but fails to manipulate them as gamesomely as he has in the past. What we wind up with is louche Euro-pop that never reaches the giddy heights of his previous effort. (Mute)