Syrens Syrens

If you're an aspiring metal head with some crunchy Ibanez tones and only the faintest idea of how to write a compelling song, know there will likely always be an audience for you. The debut EP from the Texas-based Syrens continues the recent metalcore tradition of thrashing and yelling aimlessly, striding from each subtle genre distinction to the next without any hope of becoming memorable. Opening track "Flesh and Honey" begins the EP with groan-worthy faux-tech jamming, with cheesy string bends substituting for genuine heaviness. The following tracks streamline the band's sound more than the already inauspicious beginning would suggest. This is more Christian-informed metalcore, with third generation Xerox riffs (think Botch by way of Norma Jean), with another mid-range screamer whose only trademark appears to be elongating his anguished cries for supposedly dramatic effect. The effort is surely appreciated, but unless you still have Xs in your MySpace profile these Syrens will likely sing you to shipwreck. (Cavity)