Symphony X V-The New Mythology Suite

Newly signed to Metal Blade, the finest progressive metal band New Jersey has to offer storms back with V. The album is their fifth overall and is most definitely their most accomplished to date. Combining the crunchiness of The Divine Wings of Tragedy and the progressiveness of their previous release Twilight in Olympus, V sets the standard by which all modern neo-symphonic power/prog metal will be compared to. Guitarist Michael Romeo's playing is very heavy and thrash-y throughout, somewhat similar to Yngwie Malmsteen's early style. The band has created a long row of epic, baroque instrumental and vocal melodies that develop nicely over the 13 sections (which all link to one another as one massive track) to create V. This is extremely well-executed, complex yet melodic, symphonic tinged power metal that all like-minded bands will have to use as a benchmark. (Metal Blade)