Sworn Enemy As Real As It Gets

There's a bit of hype building up around Sworn Enemy's take on metallic New York hardcore, but after checking out the ten forgettable and bland songs on As Real As It Gets, one can only wonder why. Plodding riffs that just don't stick, weak vocals and regurgitated lyrics about living in New York and giving respect where it's due just add up to an album that is hardly relevant or vital in 2003. Having said that, NYHC is a genre that generally frowns upon innovation and gives a thumbs up to the tried and true, so if you're looking for a familiar take on a familiar sound, Sworn Enemy might suffice. But if this is as real as it gets, count me out. And yes guys, we get it, you're from New York. Good for you, but there've just gotta be more interesting things to sing about. (Elektra)