Swizz Beatz "King Tut" (ft. Rakim)

Swizz Beatz 'King Tut' (ft. Rakim)
The latest free single in Swizz Beatz' Monster Mondays series features finely spit verses from the almighty Rakim, whom asks us "Did you get the message? / Hip-hop is back" on the slow-driving party anthem. The monumental MC schools all the new jacks with his untouchable flow as Swizz cranks out a series of frizzy synth squawks atop the laid-back beat.

Despite how short the cut is, just inkling below the three-minute mark, the track doesn't feel unfinished. Chalk it up to rap god Rakim. Heaven forbid he passes on anytime soon, but when he does don't be surprised if we bury him in a golden sarcophagus with a bejewelled mic in his hand.

You can download "King Tut" in both clean and dirty versions at Swizz Beatz' website.