Sweet Valley 'Eternal Champ' (mixtape)

Sweet Valley 'Eternal Champ' (mixtape)
Wavves mastermind Nathan Williams recently teamed up with his brother Kynan for the beat-heavy side-project Sweet Valley. They released the album Stay Calm last month, and are currently on the road with GZA, and now they've dropped a new mixtape as well.

The 13-track instrumental hip-hop collection Eternal Champ is available as a free download from Bandcamp, and you can pick it up below.

Any fans of '90s videogames, hip-hop, atmospheric dub or Wavves will want to check this one out.

Eternal Champ:

1. One
2. Where Will I Go
3. Bros Beyond
4. Stone
5. Chaos Speed
6. Eternal Champ
7. Motorcycle Renegade
8. Spirit Temple
9. The Great Bay Shrines
10. Into the Forest
11. Golden Gauntlet
12. No Harm
13. Sentimental Trash