Swayzak Dirty Dancing

Blending together electro, deep house and techno, the London duo of James Taylor and David Brown have produced a great album (their third) with more than just nice rhythm programming. By using different vocalists, the tracks have a unique style that pushes Dirty Dancing closer to being a pop record than something purely dance-oriented. Some of the standout tracks include "Make Up Your Mind," a nice and smooth bit of jazzy techno utilising the sultry vocals of Clair Dietrich, and "In The Car Crash," a dark, brooding bit of electro that features the work of Canadian producers Headgear. Swayzak also team up with American electro-clash scenesters Adult for the track "I Dance Alone," another great and pulsing bit of deep techno with deadpan vocals and old-school synth melodies. By combining different styles, Dirty Dancing is a great showcase of the different tastes of electronic artists who make music in the 21st century, yet aren't afraid to tip the hat to the pioneers of the 1980s. (Studio !K7)