Swarf Fall

From the opening several bars of this release, you just know you're onto something good. EBM at its finest, the disc opens with the original version of "Fall" and you're left looking forward to the four more remixes to come. Vocalist Liz Green offers a refreshing edge to the project - female voices being hard to come by in today's electronic/industrial genre. Her voice rings out and echoes over melodic waves of synthesised sound, and the rhythm creates a vortex that draws you in. Bands helping out with the remixes are Chaospere, Exitboy, Tarantella Serpentine and Freudstein, each putting their own unique spin on things to show us how different remixes can really sound from each other. We hear techno, drum & bass and gothic influences all coming through, allowing for diversity to reign on this disc. Andrew Stock and Chris Kiefer handle the programming, sequencing and synth work, rounding out this trio (whose name means those curly little bits of metallic waste you get from a lathe). Hailing from Brighton, England, we can only hope their upcoming full-length debut album is as stellar as this EP. Keep an eye out for it. (Wasp Factory)