Swans "No Words/No Thoughts" (live video)

Swans 'No Words/No Thoughts' (live video)
While terrifying post-punks Swans' newly released The Seer weighs in well over two hours long, the band didn't skimp out on extras for the deluxe edition of the album. A DVD was also included that featured some live performances, and you can catch one of the clips -- the group's intense concert interpretation of My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky number "No Words/No Thoughts" -- down below.

The slow build-up showcases percussionist Thor Harris's moody, malleted bell work, but eventually explodes into a cavalcade of staccato guitars and drum whomps. Check out uncomfortably imposing band leader Michael Gira kick-stomp and jump around the stage as he peels out open-stringed chaos before he and the group further launch into some free-association screeching.

Chances are, it'll make you want to nab a ticket to those remaining Swans dates, including tonight's (September 6) stop at Vancouver's Venue.