Swamp Thing "Muddy Step" / "Straight Out the Murk" (video)

Swamp Thing 'Muddy Step' / 'Straight Out the Murk' (video)
Toronto rap crew Swamp Thing just dropped the follow-up to last year's Outer Limits LP with a new record called Planet Murk, and now they've unveiled a new clip for album cuts "Muddy Step" and "Straight Out the Murk." You can see them first right here at Exclaim!
Both videos for the two-song package were directed by Daniel Jardine. The first sees Timbuktu, Chokeules and Savilion taking a trek through the great outdoors. The rap trio spit rhymes straight into the camera, while some funky-coloured filters add some extra visual interest. The accompanying shots for "Straight Out the Murk" takes things in the opposite direction, wiping out colour in favour of black-and-white shots of the band goofing off with some homemade pyrotechnics.
"We packed the crew into the whip and headed up north to get some creepy b-movie style shots in the woods," explained Chokeules in a statement. "The concept is also a nod to the golden era, when some of our favourite rappers would squeeze two songs into one music video."
Timbuktu added: "I always loved it when an artist would sneak part of another song into the video. Something extra you're not expecting. That was the idea, a throwback to those two in one videos with a slightly different version you won't hear anywhere else. Plus being able to give a taste of two different songs from two different albums all at once."
You can check out the premiere of the back-to-back clips right now in the player below. Planet Murk is available now through Urbnet.