Swamp Thing "123" (video)

Swamp Thing '123' (video)
Despite critically acclaimed runs from Alan Moore and current scribe Scott Snyder, comics hero Swamp Thing has a history of stinking up the screen. It makes sense then for Toronto hip-hop trio Swamp Thing to have skipped out on showcasing the plant man's disastrous 1982 film or early '90s TV show in their new video for "123." They opt instead to have the clip's female lead peep Ed Wood's B-movie masterpiece Plan 9 From Outer Space on her laptop before coming across some footage of the crew.

The playful hip-hop track finds MCs Timbuktu, Chokeules and Savilion in a Dating Game-style scenario, bragging hard dressed up as office nerds, pipe-smoking Lotharios and street clothes pranksters. You can discover whether the lady went with either three rappers or a mystery date in the video down below.

"123" is featured on the Swamp Thing's newly released Grindhouse EP and will also figure on their upcoming full-length, which will be delivered this fall through Hand'Solo Records.