Surviving Gwar Members Start Dave Brockie Foundation, Plan to Erect Tributary Monument

Surviving Gwar Members Start Dave Brockie Foundation, Plan to Erect Tributary Monument
A couple of weeks following the death of Gwar vocalist Dave Brockie (a.k.a. Oderus Urungus), the surviving members of the metal band have announced they've formed a new foundation in tribute to their fallen bandmate.

Today (April 10), the group revealed plans to start up the Dave Brockie Foundation, described in a statement as "a charity fund with the mission of promoting the advancement of music, images, letters and performances in the arts."

The group statement continued: "It will endeavour to encourage promising talents, as well as preserving the legacy of Dave's body of works. It intends to be a support system to those who have dedicated their lives in pursuit of creativity. The Dave Brockie Foundation will be a resource for artists in the fields of music, film, literature and all visual arts who cannot find funding through mainstream channels."

The foundation is also hoping to catalog a number of Brockie's artistic ventures, including original images and recordings, and present them to the world. It also has plans to erect a memorial monument to Brockie in his native Richmond, VA, "to provide the world with a place to pay respects to the memory of a very cherished man."

You can donate to the Dave Brockie Foundation here, through Gwar's website.

The remaining members of Gwar also issued a video tribute to Brockie, confirming that they will hold a free public memorial service to the singer August 15 at Hadad's Lake in Richmond, a day ahead of the group's annual GWAR-B-Q. You can watch the group salute their late singer down below.

As previously reported, Brockie was found dead at his Richmond home on March 23. A cause of death has yet to be revealed, with the band's manager Jack Flanagan having previously issued a statement explaining it could be months before the autopsy report returns. Brockie was 50 years old.