Suran Song in Stag Kitty Igloo and the Plastic Stereo

Surely you have wondered what a tougher, more vacant Blondie would sound like if they were politicised, and had spent more times watching children’s programs. Though that gives a hint to what SSIS sound like, they are in a league all their own. From the cover you would be expecting something completely out there, but they keep themselves accessible. The best classification for this would have to be DIY noise pop, but with a heavy focal point of pop, and just a menacing undertone of noise, and maybe just a pinch of punk. They are musically adept, and yelp strange lyrics about singing like Bruce Springsteen. They take as much influence from ’80s punk, such as the Minutemen and Gang of Four, as they do from the TV jingles and children’s songs they have no problem attacking. So if you are looking for something different, you might want to give this a try. (Cruel)