Superchunk Treat 'Come Pick Me Up' to Expanded Reissue

Superchunk Treat 'Come Pick Me Up' to Expanded Reissue
Mac McCaughan only just released his first album under his own name, but now he's setting his sights on the past as his band Superchunk prepare a new reissue. Their 1999 album Come Pick Me Up will getting a new pressing on July 10 through Merge.

The album has been remastered from the original tapes and will be available on vinyl, CD or digital download. There are new liner notes (some of which were written by bassist Laura Ballance) and eight bonus tracks. The bonus cuts include acoustic renditions and demos, and with the physical reissues, they come as a downloadable accompaniment.

Come Pick Me Up was recorded at Chicago's Electrical Audio Studios with sound guru Jim O'Rourke. For Superchunk, this is where the strings come in, since there are a bevy of experiments with strings and horns, as well as some more complex pop structures not typically heard on a Superchunk album. 

"It was exciting to work downstairs in the big room at Electrical," McCaughan said in a statement. "For part of our visit we also slept there, in the dark except for lights on all the gear blinking. It snowed a ton the day we got there, and I didn't go outside for the first five or six days we were there."

See the expanded tracklist below and hear the remastered "Hello Hawk" below that. The album is available to pre-order here.

Interestingly, news of this reissue comes just a few months after Superchunk covered Ryan Adams' song "Come Pick Me Up."

Come Pick Me Up:

1. So Convinced
2. Hello Hawk
3. Cursed Mirror
4. 1000 Pounds
5. Good Dreams
6. Low Branches
7. Pink Clouds
8. Smarter Hearts
9. Honey Bee
10. June Showers
11. Pulled Muscle
12. Tiny Bombs
13. You Can Always Count on Me (In the Worst Way)
14. Cursed Mirror (Acoustic)
15. Pink Clouds (Acoustic)
16. Low Branches (Acoustic)
17. Honey Bee (Demo)
18. Good Dreams (Demo)
19. Cursed Mirror (Demo)
20. Smarter Hearts (Demo)
21. White Noise (Demo)