Sunshine Jones Seven Tracks in Seven Days

"West Coast raving is an overlooked but important part of the waves of youth culture unleashed in post-World War II America — waves based on new freedom, wealth, diversity and challenging the status quo,” wrote Dennis Romero in his 2004 article published in Los Angeles CityBeat. Arguably, the clearly American ideals mentioned by Romero have got clouded and overlooked during Bush’s tenure in power. And as politics affect life, they also affect music. Never fear because the new record by Sunshine Jones (of the historical, influential Dubtribe Sound System), Seven Tracks in Seven Days, will take you back to the forest, back to the desert, back to the beach and back to the warehouse, recalling the warm vibrancy that came from creating magic in the wee summer hours. This record is written in a way to bridge the gap in communication that exists from the pain of loss, breathing optimism into these troubled times. Gorgeous melodic thresholds are created, reminding us of times past and of hope for tomorrow. Seven Tracks in Seven Days was recorded in a week and the clear, rhythmic, graceful notes of this record are sonically bright over gentle hand drums and bass beats. (King Street)