Sunset Rubdown Snakes Got a Leg

Just in time to capitalise on what will inevitably be the year of Wolf Parade, once their Sub Pop debut album drops in September, Global Symphonic has readied the solo project of band member Spencer Krug known as Sunset Rubdown. Technically a side project, Krug’s one-man band approach delivers some creditable results that will appeal to fans of both his current band as well as Frog Eyes, whom he once played with. Self-produced and recorded last year, Snakes Got a Leg finds Krug manning all controls on his own, playing his familiar keyboards with furious passion and spitting his obscure lyrics. The majority of the record isn’t a big stretch from his contributions to Wolf Parade; Krug’s Bowie-esque expression screeches, his keys emit a psychedelic oddity, and the production is filled with the fab haunting echo that follows Wolf Parade like a bad stink. Snakes is not a flawless record though — far from it, actually. Krug dabbles in some instrumental indulgence that comes off as noisy, ambient waste, and his inclusion of "I’ll Believe in Anything,” which is also included on Apologies to the Queen Mary, feels throwaway. Hardly essential, but no doubt an interesting listen, Sunset Rubdown is worth checking out for those anticipating Wolf Parade’s debut. Let’s hope a reissue of the album by Atlas Strategic — a superior pre-Wolf Parade project — is next on the list of Global Symphonic’s priorities. (Global Symphonic)