Sunparlour Players Prep 'Us Little Devils'

Sunparlour Players Prep 'Us Little Devils'
While the past four years have seen Ontario-based trio Sunparlour Players thrilling audiences with their folk rock sounds, the band are looking to expand their sonic palette on upcoming third full-length Us Little Devils.

The album is due out October 18 on Outside Music, and as a press release explains, the troupe's latest set find them "stretching out from the confines of folk and rock" by "embracing both electronic and pop influences."

Recording sessions were captured by producer Chris Stringer (Rush, Ohbijou, Timber Timbre) at an old schoolhouse in Stratford, ON and the Lincoln County Social Club Studio in Toronto. The producer is said to have helped Sunparlour Players bridge the gap between "folk, punk, electro and gospel."

You can check out the heady yet thunderous first single "Green Thumb" here.

While past work found the outfit inviting guest musicians to lend a hand to their recordings, Us Little Devils is Sunparlour Players' first outing to solely feature the core trio of Andrew Penner, Michael "Rosie" Rosenthal and Dennis Van Dine. Of the whittled-down process, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Penner explained, "We wanted to capture the energy of the three of us in a room with no distractions."

Tour dates in support of the set have yet to be announced, but here's hoping it won't be long before the road-ready trio take to the barns, backyards, theatres and clubs they've been known to grace countrywide.

Us Little Devils:

1. "Runner"
2. "Red Blood Red of Home"
3. "One For You and One For Me"
4. "Once Before"
5. "Green Thumb"
6. "2 Minds Listening"
7. "Like An Animal"
8. "Sleep"
9. "Don't Be Afraid of the Spark"
10. "Damn All You"
11. "Piece"