Sunparlour Players Book Residencies in Toronto, Guelph

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 13, 2013

Ontario folk duo Sunparlour Players toured out to the West Coast and back in the fall, but their latest tour will find them sticking a little closer to home. For March, the band have lined up residencies in their home province

Every Tuesday in March, the band will perform at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto. Then, every Wednesday, they will play at Van Gogh's Ear in Guelph. See the schedule for these dual residencies down below.

At these gigs, the band will be previewing some new material from their upcoming fourth LP, which they are planning to record soon and release later this year. They will also be selling their recent tour EP, Sunparlour Preserves, which will be available as a digital download that comes with one of the band's own preserve recipes.

Tour dates:

3/5 Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern
3/6 Guelph, ON - Van Gogh's Ear
3/12 Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern
3/13 Guelph, ON - Van Gogh's Ear
3/19 Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern
3/20 Guelph, ON - Van Gogh's Ear
3/26 Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern
3/27 Guelph, ON - Van Gogh's Ear

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