Sunparlour Players "Runner" (video)

Sunparlour Players 'Runner' (video)
This fall, Ontario folk outfit Sunparlour Players branched out with the electronic- and pop-inspired new LP, Us Little Devils. You can hear those influences crop up on new single "Runner," which has now received the video treatment.

This video doesn't offer much in the way of excitement, but it's still an impressive visual spectacle, thanks to the inventive use of mirrors and shadowy lighting effects. The lights gradually get increasingly trippy as the rocking energy picks up, and a few images of tree branches eventually work their way into the clip.

Director Jared Raab explained in a statement, "The entire thing was lit by multiple video projectors projecting textures onto the band. I collected hundreds of video textures, including tree branches, leaves and grasses, which were then edited and projected onto the band as they played."

Check it out below.