Sun Descends Incinerating the Meek

"Raping the Originators” may have been a better title for this release spearheaded by former Exumer vocalist Mem V. Stein. The tinny production, thrash metal beats and frantic (and disorganised) solos are straight out of the pre-Reign In Blood Slayer songbook. "Angry Male Gods” could very well have been clipped from the outtakes of Hell Awaits, it is such a carbon replica. That said, in a day and age where the supersonic chug riff and songs about going to hell and digging up bones have been replaced by pointless stuff like emotions, this is a welcome regression. See, acts such as Municipal Waste have picked up on the political aspect of Nuclear Assault but Sun Descends haven’t forgotten about Venom’s Black Metal and accordingly opt for the other side of ’80s thrash metal, rediscovering the dark, overly aggressive assault of Slayer, Kreator and the like. Amusingly enough, it works despite the fact that you’re sitting there going, "I’ve heard this all before. Man, what a rip-off! But…that riff to ‘Day Bat’ is kinda like ‘Betrayer!’ Sweet!” And when was the last time you heard a riff as cool as "Betrayer”? (Fading Ways)