Summoning With Doom We Come

Summoning With Doom We Come
After a five-year silence, Austrian two-piece Summoning have returned, heralded by a sound as majestic and lofty as ever. In With Doom We Come, Summoning once more regale the listener with images of epic fantasy vistas borne of the Tolkien mythology — and much like the clashing forces of good and evil in that definitive world, Summoning pit the ferocious cold of black metal against elegant synth harmonies, resulting in songs that themselves feel like characters out of a lost pantheon.
Instrumentally, Summoning use a wide palette, layering songs like album opener "Tar-Calion" with booming war drums, trumpets and even spoken voice to conjure something like a call to arms on the eve of battle, all while exacting perfect harmony between atmosphere and catchiness, as evident on "Herumor."
Perhaps a result of masterful composition, Summoning's use of computerized instruments never takes away from the sonic naturalism of With Doom We Come. While use of synth and programmed drums can infringe on the impact a piece of music such as this might hold, it never feels hollow or insubstantial by any means.
With Doom We Come is a bold and impressive work worthy of Tolkien; like the mythology he crafted, the music here hints at an extensive history in a bygone age. Summoning evoke whole worlds and great sagas, and like ancient bards, have resurfaced to tell us of them. (Napalm)