The Summer Obsession This is Where You Belong

One of the first bands, due to founder Tom Anderson taking a personal liking to and posting their songs, the Summer Obsession got an instant exposure to the world, but this wasn’t the first time for all the members; drummer Chris Wilson formerly of Good Charlotte nearly quit the music game after having a soured run with the eyeliner pop punkers. This may have been a part in what resulted in their sound — it’s completely unashamedly catchy, happy and upbeat without feeling like they were just trying to write the radio friendly hits and hooks, but instead just get back to the forgotten days of summer and youth where life was riding bikes with your arms stretched out towards the sky and your face upturned toward the shimmering sun. Usually this style of music doesn’t fly so well on the radar, but these boys have something else going on. There’s music that empathises, music that stokes the flames of your already ignited mood, and then there’s music like this — that at even the lowest points it can shine some light down and illuminate the darkness so it doesn’t seem quite so dark where you stand. It has sweetness, but more of childhood and innocence than sugar pop and false flattering words to draw you in, it feels real, and sometimes that is enough. (Virgin)