Sum 41 Does This Look Infected?

The Ajax-based pop-punk quartet that deserves to be flogged mercilessly for encouraging A Simple Plan to pursue their dreams of rock stardom partially redeems itself with their third release. Does This Look Infected? is a harder, angrier and beefier release than the enjoyable but too cute All Killer, No Filler. Like Gob did with their How Far Shallow Takes You disc, Sum 41 take a quantum leap forward in terms of proving that they are in this for long haul. The songs are more intense and interesting than most of the disposable pabulum other bands of their ilk are producing. Included with the disc is a bonus DVD that includes an hour of home video footage and college panty raids that show they still know how to have fun and act like the perverted little punks they really are. As unapologetically sophomoric as that is, the mockumentary showcasing their glam metal alter egos Pain For Pleasure is just a bad Spinal Tap rip-off we could have done without. (Aquarius)