Suicide Silence Vocalist Eddie Hermida Accused of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor

Suicide Silence Vocalist Eddie Hermida Accused of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor
The Harvey Weinstein scandal has led to a larger naming of sexual predators across the entertainment industry, with a number of sexual assault survivors coming forward to tell their stories in hopes of preventing further abuse. Now, allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against Suicide Silence vocalist Hernan "Eddie" Hermida.

The allegations were first made Monday (November 13) by a woman named Verena Celis, who detailed her interactions with Hermida in a lengthy Twitter thread, Lambgoat points out. She claimed the vocalist solicited nude photographs from her while she was 17 years old and Hermida was 32, also alleging that he sent unsolicited nudes of his own while she was at school and at family dinners. The alleged incidents happened in 2015 and 2016.

"He made me feel worthless and like I never meant anything to him, but I know he was just afraid for some reason," she wrote. "This statement is not about bashing the band in its entirety, because I still love the others as much as 6 years ago. I still support them. Just not Eddie anymore. Please, if you are underage and a band member is hitting on you, speak up. You're not alone. I promise."

Celis also posted screenshots of the direct message conversations between her and the singer, in which Hermida refers to her as "little girl" and "half my age." She also has claimed that she was not the only victim.

You can find her tweets below.

Both Hermida and Suicide Silence have yet to comment on the allegations.

Hermida joined Suicide Silence in 2013 following the death of original vocalist Mitch Lucker.