Submarines Declare a New State

There are plenty of break-up albums out there, but for the duo of John Dragonetti (aka Jack Drag) and Blake Hazard, their debut as the Submarines takes this concept to the extreme. Written separately after the collapse of their relationship, it was the writing of these songs that brought them back together. Hearing how wonderful they sound, it makes sense. Featuring mixed girl/guy vocals and a polished indie pop style, this L.A. duo come across sounding a bit like Canada’s own Stars, albeit with a more subtle nod to traditional pop structures. Tracks like "Brighter Discontent” or "Modern Inventions” are downright radio-friendly, but luckily they avoid falling into a formatted sound and mix things up with quirkier effects and structures. They likely learned a thing or two during their formative years in Boston, where they both had active music careers that first brought them together, but after touring and moving to L.A., everything fell apart. Luckily, Declare a New State became a labour of love, and the two are not only reconciled, but married. The real-life bittersweet emotions behind the songs shine through, and the result is an honest, enjoyable pop album with a happy ending. (Nettwerk)