SubCity Where's the Noise?

SubCity are back with another instalment of their sexy reggae/punk/ska fusion. If the Winnipeg, MB eight-piece know one thing it's how to make fun, original music. Similar to 2007's When The Beat Starts To Pound, SubCity cast a shadow over their music that's best exemplified by tracks like the Tim Armstrong-influenced "Silence" and the smoother "Soft Hands." In regards to everything, it's better: the songs, the construction, the attention to detail. "Drag Me Down" is Where's the Noise?'s answer to previous album's standout "After My Heart." Despite sounding a little bit like that creepy Hexxus dude from Ferngully, the rough, raspy vocals are the most vital part of this record, sounding welcomingly different. With every record SubCity sound more polished. Add roaring saxophone solos from "The Hounds" and lyrics like "I know you're trouble but hey, who's not? If you ain't got trouble then what do you got?" and you know you're in for another good time. (Transistor 66)