Subb The Ultimate Highstep To Hell

For all those fanatics of Montreal ska/punk sensations Subb, and all hardcore high-steppers around the world, here is a re-release that’ll definitely get you skanking. The Ultimate Highstep To Hell is Subb’s 1996 debut effort remixed and remastered by the fine people at Stomp Records. However, with Stomp’s "More bang for your buck” motto, they’ve also included ten extra Subb tracks on here, consisting of old demo tracks and one brand new ripper. For those not familiar with the supersonic sounds of Subb, try blending the pop sensibilities of Green Day, the punk mayhem of Rancid and Gorilla Biscuits, and the skanking beats of early Buck’O’Nine and Operation Ivy and you may end up with something closely resembling them. Regardless, Subb are their own unique entity and their music is a spectacle unto itself. With 30 kick-ass tracks taking you on an upbeat musical roller coaster ride, lock yourself in because you’re at the mercy of this band when they’re at the helm. (Stomp)