The Strokes "Machu Picchu"

The Strokes 'Machu Picchu'
Following their excellent return to form with "Under Cover of Darkness" and the decidedly less excellent "You're So Right," the direction that the Strokes are taking with Angles appears to be a combination of their classic sound with some odd '80s influences. Now, another song has leaked from the album to be dissected by eager fans.

 "Machu Picchu" is the opening track from Angles, and on its first impression, it doesn't have so much of the Strokes' straight-ahead rock leanings, instead opting for a rhythmic, reggae-tinged pop. As it builds, however, Julian Casablancas's vocals and those endlessly entertaining guitars retain the band's identity underneath the experimenting.

 Check out the Strokes' "Machu Picchu" below. Angles will be released on March 22 via RCA.